Residential Home Services

Residential Home Buyers

Maybe you’re looking to buy your first residential home. Or maybe you are a green investor, looking for property to begin building your real estate portfolio. No matter what your situation may be, The Land Wealth Realty home team offers the knowledge and experience to make your transactions smooth and hassle free. We understand the uniqueness of each situation and the numerous questions and scenarios that may arise. We are here for you, offering answers and support for throughout the entire process.

Residential Home Sellers

Land Wealth Realty home team works with Realtors all over the world who are looking to buy YOUR home! Years of building these relationships allow us to know who’s buying and when. We can easily match buyers to sellers and vice versa with the click of a button. If you’re looking to sell, you can be assured that using our advanced technology, we can match you up to a prospective buyer and help you sell fast! Nobody in the Real Estate game has the technology we have, let us show you what we can do! If we aren’t able to find a buyer for your home though one of these connections, we will then place your property into our mass marketing program. Your property will be listed not only on the MLS, but on 100’s of Real Estate websites around the world. Year after year, Land Wealth Realty boasts the highest number of closed transactions on Zillow Florida-Wide.

In addition to our mass marketing, sellers can choose to add a special photo package to their listing. We are partnered with Soaring Sky, one of the top commercial drone photographers in the USA. Using their services, we offer the highest quality photography and videography services guaranteed to make your property stand out.

Helping With The Moving Process

Maybe you’ve done this before and know the process, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier the second time around. We are here to address any concerns you have up front and avoid any of the complications you have experienced in the past. We can offer information on relocation, community demographics and employment services. Consider us your Real Estate Concierge.