Drone Photography and Videography Services

Land Wealth Realty is proud to be partnered with Soaring Sky, the leading commercial drone services company of SWFL. Soaring Sky is one of the few companies in the US to be fully FAA approved and insured. The Soaring Sky team can offer:

  • Customized full production cinematography, aerial photography & 4k photography to make your property stand out on the MLS
  • Aerial surveying & mapping, with overlays of property boundaries
  • Community photos and video, allowing you to showcase the area of your property
  • Property & Roof Inspection services. Which include full reporting and measurement

If you are looking to sell, a photo package from Soaring Sky allows you to showcase your home, and set it apart from everything else on the MLS. The photo and video they are able to capture is exquisite, allowing a whole new perspective from from the sky versus photos taken right from the street.

If you are looking to build, the Soaring Sky team offers the most advanced surveying and mapping technology you can find. They are able to provide geo-referenced orthomosaics, progressional site imaging, 3D point clouds, digital surface models and much more.