Building Wealth Through Land

For Investors

Land Wealth Team provides investment management services to public, private and corporate clients. We conduct a thorough overview of business objectives and apply our extensive knowledge of asset management strategies to deliver optimal returns on your investment. We are investors, just like you, and we understand that profit is what matters.

There are unique challenges when working with Real Estate Investment portfolios. We are here to help with any issues relating to legislation, planning, tenancies, liens, judgements, taxation and assessments. Land Wealth Team Investment and Asset Management services are focused on increasing the value of your Real Estate portfolio. We consistently deliver intelligent, tailored solutions that enhance your portfolio’s value whether you have a single property or multiple portfolios.

Why Land Wealth?

We take an Owners point of view to investment management. A hands on approach, prepared to address and advise on any situation that may arise. We work with a variety of clients from many areas. We understand that every client has different aspirations, the following includes some of the key areas in which we provide assistance:

We Consistently Maximize Returns and Capital Value

For some clients, annual returns are their priority; for others, the main focus is capital growth. Often times our clients choose a more balanced approach. Whatever the aim, we will create a management plan to achieve it.

Future Development

When development opportunities arise, we take every step to maximize these opportunities for our investors. Whatever the time frame, we will ensure the development potential isn’t squandered.

Day-to-Day Investment Management

We will collect rents, pay taxes, manage routine environmental duties and handle any issues that come up.

Tax and Succession Planning

Often times Real Estate portfolios are held as multi-generational investments, a nest egg to be passed to children and grandchildren. We ensure the correct ownership structures are put in place to protect value over the long term.

Finding Your Ideal Real Estate Investment

We can identify and acquire land on your behalf taking into account development potential and annual yields. We develop criteria for each individual investor, filling your portfolio with only properties that meet your particular specifications.